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The ‘ToeCracker’ as he likes to be called . . . left school at 14 years and 9 months. He doesn’t’ even have a degree in grasshopper shit . . . yet as a business mentor . . . he has the uncanny ability to spot the financial leaks in ANY business . . . which most business owners cannot see.

2001, his breakthrough advertising and marketing strategies have consistently helped his clients increase sales, profits and create customer loyalty. Many double, triple, even quadruple their business.

He’s been called the ‘Crocodile Dundee’ of direct response copywriters due to giving his global clients the biggest advertising knife, so they can slash their competitors in half and leave them feeling like they’re a one legged duck swimming in a crocodile infested creek.

ToeCracker is blunt, brutal and does not sugar coat anything for anyone.
He is well known for his ‘No B.S.’ style and has left several clients in tears from his ‘straight between the eyes’ mentoring style.

He’s spoken on stages around the world on advertising and marketing including; Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Cyprus, Malaysia, Thailand and Poland . . . plus he runs his own events.

The ‘ToeCracker’ was the one writer chosen to work on an event with billionaire, Sir Richard Branson, The Dalai Lama, former South African President, FW de Klerk, Stephen R Covey – author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People . . . Tony Hsieh from Zappo’s . . . and several other highly successful entrepreneurs.

ToeCracker lives the international lifestyle and generates an income without borders. He’s been traveling the world since 2006. He loves photography, amazing food and never says no to an icy cold beer or 3.

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Barry Randall

Barry Randall spent 17 years as a landscape gardener learning his craft and trying to build a business.

After all that time he was still working 70 hour weeks bringing in only £8,000 every month.

Then one day, when trying to check out of a hotel and having his card rejected, he realized the painful truth . . .

He’d been making the exact same mistakes . . . year after year.

Even though he knew everything about being a landscaper . . . he knew almost nothing about being a business owner. That’s why his business was still in the same spot even after almost 2 decades in the same industry.

So, he studied everything he could about running a business. He learned how to build better systems, teams, and processes.

Within 6 years Barry became the owner of 5 different businesses employing over 75 employees and contractors.

Today, he only works approx. 10 hours a week on his landscaping business.

Collectively . . . his businesses bring in £5 million in Gross sales every year and approx. £1 million in profit.

He’s won multiple awards . . . he’s an Amazon best-selling author . . . and speaker. Barry uses his own systems to personally mentor other business owners on how to build their businesses . . . just like he did.

One such private client, went from turning over £500,000 and making losses . . . to turning over £3,000,000.00 and making over £500,000 in net profits . . . in only 2 years.

Barry now provides group mentoring to business owners, together with the ToeCracker . . . using those same processes.

He is the co-founder of Landscaper’s Success Club and Unlimited Success Club, a framework for giving any business; from on the tools trade related businesses to freelance copywriters, the systems and belief to achieve the dreams in their minds and hearts.

Barry is a kind, husband, father, son and brother, who loves travelling to watch sporting events, he also donates 100% of his book royalties to a local charity. He’ll ask those deep, purposeful questions everyone else is thinking about . . .  but he leaves the icy cold beer or 3 to the ToeCracker.


Testimonial Headlines

Below are the headlines from actual results our clients have gotten. To read the full testimonials, click the link at the bottom.

“£500,000 to £3,000,000 million”

-Michael Wheat – Owner Ponds by Michael Wheat, Leicester, UK

“£165,000 in Business in 24 Hours . . .”

-David Massey – David Massey Garden Constructions – North Yorkshire, UK

“£231,305 in Sales in 2 weeks”

– Daren Henderson – Owner of The Edinburgh Driveway Company

“Our First $100,000 Week, Thanks to You!”

– Everte Farnell – Business Owner and Direct Response Copywriter, Tampa FL

“Tripled My Sales . . .”

Justin Eldershaw – Founder RelianceRoof.com.au

“$3,000 for a 3 Page Letter in my First Week”

– Ben Riddles – Freelance Writer and Entrepreneur, Canberra, Australia

“A $1,000,000 Web Business Site After Consulting With YOU

Nik Halik – Serial Entrepreneur

£80,000 Job Sold Using New Proposal Package”

– Craig McGibbon – Owner Gardens With Passion, Garden City, UK

“£340,000 in Sales in During March 2021”

David Massey – (2nd Testimonial) David Massey Garden Constructions – North
Yorkshire, UK



“The Secret Success Club Your Competitor’s Do Not Want YOU to Access. . .”


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