Barry Randall spent 17 years as a landscape gardener learning his craft and trying to build a business.

After all that time he was still working 70 hour weeks bringing in only £8,000 every month.

Then one day, when trying to check out of a hotel and having his card rejected, he realized the painful truth . . .
he’d been making the exact same mistakes . . . year after year.

Even though he knew everything about being a landscaper . . . he knew almost nothing about being a business owner.

That’s why his business was still in the same spot even after almost 2 decades in the same industry.

So, he studied everything he could about running a business. He learned how to build better systems, teams, and processes.

Within 6 years Barry became the owner of 5 different businesses . . . with over 75 employees and contractors.

Today, he only works approx. 10 hours a week on his landscaping business.

Collectively . . . his businesses bring in £5 million in Gross sales every year and approx. £1 million in profit.

What I Discuss With Barry Randall:

  • How in the last year alone, Barry started a brand new business which generated over £1,000,000 gross with £300,000 in profits
    . . . and he reveals at least 3 cruical factors which allowed him to do so . . .
  • Discover why pricing is elastic and what that means for your business . . . and why a mental attitude adjustment is needed . . .
  • As a successful business mentor, Barry reveals the common traits he constantly corrects to help his clients generate 7-figures . . . with piles of profit . .
  • Discover what ‘Waste Management’ in your business and how to turn it into money in your bank account
  • The ONE book which changed Barry’s life and of his loved ones forever . . .
  • and much more . . .

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