David Walsh is a YouTube Certified marketing expert. His focus is working with businesses to increase their exposure, brand awareness and generate leads.

After initially setting up his own YouTube Channel . . . within 10 months David’s channel had grown to 10,000 Subscribers.

And in just over 3 years, it has increased to over 100,000 Subscribers.

Currently he has 255,000 subscribers.

He now consults to clients with various sized channels . . . including some with millions of subscribers.

What We Discussed with David Walsh:

  • Exposes the top 3 ‘sins’ people make uploading videos to YouTube
  • How YouTube no longer has an algorithm . . . and how their 5 different AI’s pull people down the proverbial ‘rabbit hole’ and how this impacts you . . .
  • How you can actually train YouTube’s AI’s to tell you EXACTLY what content you need to create . . .
  • Reveals how you can turn an poor performing YoutTube Channel into a channel people happily subscribe to . . .
  • Exposes the myth around the length of YouTube Videos . . . which is bound to ruffle the feathers of the self-proclaimed YT experts . . .
  • and much more . . .

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