“WARNING! Don’t hire The ‘ToeCracker’ unless you’re prepared to be the leader in your market.”

– Bond Halbert, son of the legendary Prince of Print – Gary Halbert

When You Subscribe to the Unlimited Success Club, You’ll Also Get A FREE Bonus Gift: Full Transcription to my $3,495 Drayton Bird 83rd Birthday Bash Event!

PLUS You’ll Get Over $3,597 

Worth Of ‘Acres of Diamonds’ Designed to Create Unlimited Success

All You Have to Do Is Say “MAYBE”

And The Gift Is Yours, For FREE!

NOTE: I Do Not Want To Waste Your Valuable Time…

. . . So I’m Going To Be Blunt.

The Unlimited Success Club is NOT for Everyone.

Toecracker Chewing the fat with Billionaire, Sir Richard Branson at a private party


WARNING! Don’t hire Trevor Toe-Cracker Crook unless you’re prepared to be the leader in your market” – Bond Halbert

When you’re looking for a magic pill to solve all of your cashflow and business problems without doing any work yourself . . .


 . . . and you want to get rich while lying on your couch in your underwear, watching your favorite TV show each week . . .


. . . then STOP reading right now because the following will only leave you more confused than a hot wife who just walked in on her husband in bed with another man . . .

However, when you’re a savvy, progressive thinker, who has an open mind, is willing to absorb the continuous supply of unlimited success fuel for entrepreneurs each and every month . . . like a ‘sham-wow’ soaks up an oil spill . . . keep reading.

Because you just may find our blunt, tell it like it is . . . even if it hurts your feelings, ‘BazCracker’ style approach to business is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

From: The Unlimited Success Club

Dear Friend and Savvy Entrepreneur,

Your secret to unlimited success is not taking what you are given . . . it’s simply taking what YOU want. Ethically. Legally.

The underlying secret to unlimited success is understood by very few.

And it’s never been taught in any school or university . . . yet, you can now get it handed to you on a silver platter, each and every month.

I understand you fully grasp just how critically effective advertising and marketing is, when it comes to your business . . .

Yet you need a potent cocktail of the right business strategies . . . one which serious entrepreneurs will be lining up at the bar to drink.

Who is Trevor Toecracker Crook?

Called the ‘Crocodile Dundee’ of direct response copywriters, giving his global clients the biggest advertising knife, to slash their competitors in half and leave them feeling like a one legged duck swimming in a crocodile infested creek.
(Keep reading and the ‘knife’ could be yours!)

It’s what we call the ‘5 Foundations of Business Success’ . . .

Marketing. Mindset. Sales. Time. Team.

They go hand in hand . . . together with savvy, progressive thinking, to give you the right mixture for unlimited success.

One, without the other will handicap your success and quite frankly, suck the life out of your entrepreneurial dreams.

Screw Hard Work . . .

Let’s face it. Wanting more money and freedom simply DOES NOT work.


And wealth does not come because of merely hoping, praying . . . or due to some guru’s latest downloadable course on the Internet.


Far from it . . .

Here’s a short story which proves it . . .

A friend of mine, Bryan Rider, met with a businessman worth over 300 million dollars for lunch at the Atlantis – Palm hotel in Dubai, UAE.


They were meeting to discuss a project he was investing in.


My friend also wanted to get inside of the millionaire’s head . . . if possible . . . to discover his inside secrets on creating generational wealth.


Especially as Bryan knew he had just sold a company he founded a few years earlier . . . for over 100 million dollars.


The 300 million dollar man had THE lifestyle most people only ever dream about . . .


 . . . He is able to run his business from anywhere in the world . . . with just his laptop.


My friend finally plucked up enough liquid courage after too much booze . . . to probe the man worth over 300 million like a ‘gloved up’ proctologist . . . and asked him a seemingly simple question . . .

“How did you make it look so easy 

To Make 100 Million Dollars

in a Few Short Years

From a Software Company?”

The millionaire slowly lifted his ‘old fashion’ drink . . . swirled the ice cube . . . took a short sip


. . . and then asked my friend a question:


“Bryan, what creates money and freedom?”


Bryan started replying with the basic answers:


“Hard work.”




“Wanting it more than the other person.”


“Sacrificing friends and family and . . .”


The millionaire stopped Bryan mid-sentence and said . . .


“Money isn’t attracted to hard work, luck, sacrifice, or the law of attraction . . .


 . . . That’s the suckers answer for a life of working too much for little or no reward . . .”


Bryan’s eyes were firmly wide open as he sat glued to every single word the millionaire spoke . . . who dove deeper into the topic and said;

Here’s the simple FREEDOM WEALTH formula:

Enjoying luxury experiences are dependent on your ability to produce Money.


Freedom is a bi-product of creating money WITHOUT spending your time.


Now, to create FREEDOM and WEALTH . . . you simply need to organize people in a better way, to produce products/service which are better than what existed before.

“It’s that simple.”

“Do this, and you’ll have the right to allocate your time and capital to other things you value.”

This truth bomb punched my friend right in his guts . . . with all the force from a flurry of Mike Tyson body blows.

Since that lunch meeting . . . Bryan, who is a very successful businessman himself . . . has been using the Freedom Wealth Formula in his multiple business interests.

Far too many people try to out-work and out-hustle people . . .

. . . Which usually leaves them sleeping at the Holiday Inn . . . instead of the Ritz Carlton.

You can create FREEDOM when you organize people in a better way to produce products/service that are better than what existed before.

Just like the $300 million a dollar man, who is able to run his business from anywhere in the world with just his laptop . . . I’ve been living the international lifestyle since April 2006 and lived in many countries including;

Italy, Costa Rica, The Maltese Islands in the Mediterranean, Canada, USA, Cyprus, Panama, Poland, UK . . . as well as constantly traveling and exploring other countries such as;

Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Panama, Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, Thailand, Malaysia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Austria . . . plus many more.

I run my multiple businesses from anywhere in the world . . . with just my laptop.

“Trevor Crook Has The Rare Ability to Find The Financial Leaks in ANY Business . . .”

” …Financial leaks in any business that most great entrepreneurs cannot see.


Once found, his powerful and insightful marketing methods quickly increase income while creating customer loyalty.


If you want the ‘straight-scoop’ with zero fluff, then pay attention to everything Trevor teaches about copywriting and marketing.”


– Matt Furey of MattFurey.com

Author of Expect to Win – Hate to Lose

And Barry Randall has created so much freedom in his own Landscaping business . . . which generally invoices £250,000 plus a month . . . it runs successfully without him investing more than 6-7 hours a week.


Plus he has a second Landscaping business and an Electrical Contracting company, with a combined 55 employees among his various, highly profitable businesses.


Obviously, success leaves clues.


This is what Barry and I really want to share with more people.


People just like you.


And not just our handful of 1-2-1 elite level mentoring clients.


Or the clients we have been helping grow highly profitable businesses through our group mentoring membership since January 2020.

Warren Buffett, one of the world’s richest men, says this about business success:

“It’s Only When The Tide Goes Out . . .

YOU Can See Who’s Been Swimming Naked”

So many big businesses, companies, fortune 500 companies, many of the big car manufacturers and other large – once household names across the worlds, either filed bankruptcy court . . . or closed their doors forever.

The tide definitely went out for them and many others.


However not everyone is hanging out in their birthday suit!


I’m not. Barry Randall’s not either. Neither are the clients who have been copying our relentless, tough-as-nails, show no mercy style of business, marketing, mindset, sales, systems and recruitment success secrets.


Does this resonate with you?


Unlimited success comes down to a choice.


A choice of knowledge and implementation.

When you’re still reading this . . . I’m guessing you want to create unlimited success and change your life and your loved ones forever. Which is why I’m writing this.


I want you to obtain the same knowledge and grow your business.


Then you can experience unlimited success.

“The Barry Quotient…”

John Carlton, The most ripped-off and respected copywriter alive.

“Very honored to have Barry as a longtime member of our elite business mastermind.


Because he’s both been in the trenches as a top tradesman and is now coaching others in that field. He brings a unique and super-valuable real world insight to solving the problems of successful marketing.”


We even have something called the ‘Barry Quotient’ now. It’s a scale on following through and implementing ideas you receive in the group.


Even veteran marketers can’t touch Barry’s dedication to road-testing concepts and tactics to guarantee they work. His followers are damned lucky to have him as their field general.”

Do You Face Facts or Avoid Them…

Some people hate to face the facts about their business.


They dread the thought. Having to admit to themselves their business isn’t performing . . . is a very bitter pill to swallow.

Who is Barry Randall?

He’s won multiple awards. Amazon best-selling author and speaker. Barry uses his own systems to personally mentor other owners on how to build their businesses just like he did.


One suck private client went from turning over £500,000 and making losses – to turning over £3,000,000 and making over £500,000 in pure profit… in only 2 years.


Barry only works 10 hours a week on his landscaping business. Collectively his businesses bring in £5 million in Gross sales every year.
(read on and this could be you in 2 years – or less!)

They are in denial . . .


. . . Because they lack systems.


They lack the sales and marketing knowledge.


They lack the right way to recruit suitable team members.


It stops them growing their business.


They seem to think . . . “what you don’t know won’t hurt you.”


This form of ignorance appears in business and throughout all life.


An ostrich sticks his head in the sand and hopes for the best.


The struggling business owner shuts his eyes to the facts.


Yet does the same thing. Year after year. Expecting different results.


They will boldly claim they have been in business x number of years.


Time for a reality check . . . because I call bullshit!


They have most likely been in business one year and repeated the same mistakes year after year.

That’s insanity.

There is nothing like opening your eyes. In the land of the blind . . . even the one-eyed man is king.


When you do open both eyes . . . you will clearly see the damming evidence about your business.


The facts don’t lie. So don’t try to hide them. Instead, dig them out and make the right changes.


Then you can reap the rewards you deserve . . . instead of sticking your head in the sand like an Ostrich . . .


And then seek advice from people who are already successful. People who have a proven track record. People who are doing exactly what you want to achieve.


Sadly, it’s fair to say . . . history will repeat itself like a broken record.


Most will ignore the advice and help offered.


The savvy folks will grab it will open arms. Implement. Succeed.


Their lives changed for the better. Forever.

Cold Hard Cash or

Act Like an Ostrich?

The choice is yours . . . Which one do you choose?

If we mailed you ‘cold hard cash’ in a large gold envelope every single month . . . would you open it?


OR . . .


Would you stick your head in the sand like an ostrich and pretend your business was running EXACTLY the way you want it to?


When you choose the ‘cold hard cash’ option . . . keep reading.


If on the other hand . . . you would prefer to be in denial and act like an Ostrich . . . obviously struggling in your business . . . then it’s best to leave this website right now . . .


. . . because clearly, this isn’t for you.




You’re still reading.


Now it’s your turn.


Announcing: BazCracker’s Unlimited Success Club

When You Want to Get More Leads, Clients, Profits

and Enjoy a Better Lifestyle…

You’ve Come to the Right Place.

Toecracker Celebrates with Direct Marketing Legend Drayton Bird. Bird’s Presentations at Gdansk, Poland 2019 FREE to Gold members of the Unlimited Success Club.

We will point you to overlooked opportunities in your business which are more obvious than a nosebleed on a white tissue . . . 


and reveal how to work smarter not harder.


That’s it in a nutshell.


Much of what we share, could put you way outside of your comfort zone and make you extremely uncomfortable. Brace yourself.


You may not like what we ‘have to’ say OR share . . . and that’s 100% okay.


Remember this.


We’ve likely forgotten more about advertising, sales, systems and business success, than most people will ever know.

The Unlimited Success Club

has one purpose . . . 

To show you how to create unlimited success in your business. Ethically. Legally.

What we will share with you . . . has been proven to work by us individually.


Just like you can lead a horse to water . . . and stick its head in the water . . . you still can’t make it drink, no matter what you try.


It’ll drink only if it wants to.


Same applies to you as a member of the Unlimited Success Club.


This works.


It’s up to you . . .whether you implement it or not.

Here’s What’s Included with Your

Unlimited Success Club

Membership Each Month:

Gold Level:

HUGE BENEFIT #1 (Value – $99.97 each month)

The Unlimited Success Report

Think of your 16-20 page Unlimited Success Report as a monthly workshop . . . combined with a good dose of reality.


It focuses on what we call the ‘5 Foundations of Business Success’ . . .


Marketing. Mindset. Sales. Time. Team.


It’s designed to help you achieve rapid business growth . . . WITHOUT costing a fortune to get it.


Below is a small sample of what you can expect to get in the mail each month.


Pricing Strategies: Pricing is elastic and should never be an issue . . . when done correctly. You will get real life examples and the proven strategies to ensure you can charge whatever you want.


Not what your client’s dictate.


Before and After Advertising and Sales Copy Examples: See what to do and what not do to. Only what’s going to work for you.


Marketing Mistakes: The best way for you to grow, is to know how to avoid the costly marketing mistakes.


Myself, and Barry Randall, want you to avoid making more mistakes.


Each month, we reveal marketing mistakes . . . and give you the success blueprint needed to avoid those same mistakes.

Time, Team and Money . . . How to Focus on Doing The Next Thing Next:

These will be extended tips from Barry’s books with the same titles.


Proven How-To Marketing Strategies . . . with easy to follow templates, to ensure implementation is a breeze for you.


Case Studies . . . real live examples from other members and clients for you to learn from, and take action on, in your own business.


Special Guest Articles . . . because we do not profess to know it all and don’t pretend to.


From time to time, we will ask a guest expert to contribute valuable, usable content in an issue, for you to apply the knowledge to your own business.


These are highly successful entrepreneurs. NOT some pretend experts who have never run a successful business.


PLUS . . . so much more!


It’s just like having Barry Randall and myself hanging around your place and personally mentoring you!


BE WARNED! We will tell it EXACTLY like it is . . . WITHOUT any sugar-coating and WITHOUT any bullshit.

Here’s a Sample of What’s Coming Up in Future Issues:

  • 3 big marketing lessons and how you can apply them in your own business
  • Case study of an outrageous offer which generated $100,000 net profit in a month for a client in the US. This could easily be modelled for your own business
  • The 3 basic buying motives which cause prospects to invest in your services at your prices
  • How to make your customer a hero. Get this right and they will rave about you to their friends and relatives
  • The boxing ring effect. When you know how to apply this to your business . . . you will convert more prospects into paying clients at higher prices
  • Success secrets from a lawn-care company which mails out over one million pieces of direct mail a year. Including the exact script they use to ‘wow’ their clients . . . plus John’s 2 golden rules for success
  • Why most business owners are too busy trying to sell ‘tomatoes on toast’ to clients . . . instead of selling them ‘Bruschetta’ and what this means for your business.
  • The power of words. The wrong words or the right words will determine how many leads and how many sales you get.
  • The tale of two dogs. Be careful which dog you feed in your business. One grows your business. The other will bury your business.
  • Why change happens internally before you see it externally and how this applies to you.
  • How happy endings add bottom line profits . . .
  • Winners do what losers are not willing to do. Reveals the 6 critical steps winners do to make 1-2% improvements in all areas of their business, to grow their sales and profits.
  • 8 critical questions to ask yourself about your current offer to potential clients.
  • Revealed: The #1 advertising rule and what this means to you.
  • The one crucial question, worth its weight in gold to your business . . .
  • When you ask this one question to a prospect . . . the way they answer opens up a whole world of opportunities for you to discover . . . then provides the best solution.
  • 5 Personality traits which ruin your potential.
  • Barry Randall’s advert which helped get his then struggling landscaping business from ZERO to £377,000 in the first year.
  • How to get to Fat City . . . discover why you can succeed!
  • Are YOU a leader . . . or a pretend leader?
  • The lunatics were running the asylum . . .

And so much more. Every single month you’re a subscribed member to the Unlimited Success Club . . . and you receive each Report, you will feel like you’ve been personally mailed a large envelope full of cash.

And You Will Also Get . . .

HUGE BENEFIT #2 (Value – $1,000)

Monday Motivation Weekly Videos – 10-15 minutes:

Your Monday’s will NEVER be the same…


Stay focused each week with one specific strategy a week.


Each Monday we will record a 10-15 minute video . . . on a specific success tip.


Each video will cover one of the BIG 5 Foundations of Business Success . . . marketing, mindset, sales, time and team . . .


. . . all designed to help you grow your business and create unlimited success.


This is your verbal wake up call to motivate you and encourage you.


Some weeks, it will give you a swift kick in your ass to ensure you stay on track.

With 4 per month . . . and considering my hourly mentoring fee is $3,000

and Barry’s $3,000 – the value is conservatively $1,000.

HUGE BENEFIT #3 (Value – $2,000)

Monthly Questions and Answers on Zoom:

Once a month, we will give you the answers to your most pressing questions over 30-45 minutes each time. No longer will you have to struggle.

Simply ask us anything!


Then myself and/or Barry Randall . . . will deliver you the accurate answers you need, at lightning speed.


This will be done on a zoom video call.


The recordings will be made available to you and all members to benefit from.

HUGE BENEFIT #4 (Value – $100)

Access to a Private

Members ONLY Group:

Access to a Private Group for members only . . . where you get to ask your most pressing questions and receive the answers.



Plus . . . YOU can showcase your skills, post when you’re looking for more business or respond to other members who are seeking new business . . .

World’s Best Copywriters Revealed Their Proven Strategies at this Historic European Marketing Event…

FREE Bonus Gift Valued at $497

Full Transcriptions to my $3,495

Drayton Bird

83rd Birthday Bash Event . . .

All you have to do is say ‘maybe’.

When you choose to become a GOLD Member to the Unlimited Success Club you will also get the full transcriptions to the event I put on, to celebrate Drayton Bird’s 83rd Birthday.


John Carlton, Caleb O’Dowd, Matt Bacak, Bond Halbert, Ben Simkin, Nik Thakorlal, Pauline London, Brian Cassingena and Toecracker . . . together with 2 presentations from Drayton Bird . . . obviously delivered acres of diamonds over those 2 days.


Each VIP attendee invested $3,495 plus airfares and hotel accommodation to fly into Gdansk, Poland, from all corners of the world to attend.


The full transcripts from each speaker, valued at $497 are yours to keep, even in the unlikely event you cancel your membership.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

All you have to do is say, “MAYBE” and the gift is yours… for FREE!

“Sounds Great . . . How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?”

In my opinion, I would argue it’s an investment and ultimately cost you ZERO.


Assuming you put everything to work for you . . . and YOU can and WILL follow the instructions . . . then the huge returns on your investment . . . can ultimately pay for itself over and over again.


Our goal is to bring in so much more than you invest . . . making the cost to you completely irrelevant.

Gold Member Investment:

As soon as become a member to the Unlimited Success Club . . . you’ll quickly access a treasure-chest of special reports, videos, audios and special trainings . . . which are easily worth thousands upon thousands of dollars.


This treasure-chest currently includes 10 previous issues of the Unlimited Success Report, and over 37 previous Monday Motivation videos . . . which cover the ‘5 Foundations of Business Success’ . . .


Marketing. Mindset. Sales. Time. Team.


Each week we will add a new Monday Motivation Video.


Each month we will add the latest issue of the Unlimited Success Report to your member’s area and ship your printed edition right to your door.


Perhaps the best part of the Unlimited Success Club Membership is the special offer we’re testing right now.


As part of this test you can gain immediate access to all this incredible life-changing information and become a full Gold Member right now . . . with a one time activation fee of only $17.00 for the first month . . .


. . . and then your monthly membership investment is $99.97 per month.


You might be wondering, why so low?

Surely There Must Be a Catch?

There isn’t a catch.


It’s Simple.


Our higher level and elite clients get the Monday Motivation Videos and their monthly issue of the Unlimited Success Report, shipped to their door . . . as FREE bonuses to their various packages.


And now we want you to get a taste of what they experience week after week
. . . month after month.


Being a Gold Member of the Unlimited Success Club will cost you less than $3.28 a day after your one-time activation fee.


Obviously you are free to cancel your subscription at any time.


As this is a special offer Barry and I are testing right now, the one-time activation fee and/or the monthly membership fee will most likely increase at some future time.


Reserve your subscription and lock your investment in right now . . . while it’s fresh on your mind.

The Plane is Boarding 

Are You Getting On?

I have done everything I can to prove to you, just how valuable, priceless and life changing, becoming a GOLD Member of the Unlimited Success Club can be for you.


The plane is boarding. Barry and I are already seated in Business Class, enjoying our pre take-off drinks while the economy passengers pile onboard.


When you’re happy with mediocre results in your own business and always flying economy . . . do not invest.


When you want to create unlimited success and join Barry and myself in business class whenever you fly . . . even across the world, reserve your membership level now.


To get onboard . . . simply click on the membership link below.

You’ve got nothing to lose . . . and so much to gain.





PS. Only the savvy folks who become Gold Members by [last_day] will get the free bonus gift, the full transcripts of my Drayton Bird 83rd Birthday Bash Event . . . valued at $497. Yours to keep, even if you cancel. After that, I reserve the right to remove the transcripts.


PPS. Where will you be 12 months from now if you choose not to become a gold member of the Unlimited Success Club?


No doubt still struggling for quality leads, under charging, possibly hiring the wrong team members and constantly worry about how your cash flow.


It doesn’t have to be that way. Become a member right now while it’s fresh on your mind.

YES Trevor and Barry!

I’m Ready to subscribe to the Unlimited Success Club and I’m Excited To Get the Unlimited Success Report (Full of ‘Acres of Diamonds’ of Money Making Secrets!), PLUS All These Gems!

PPPS. Can YOU Handle The Proof?

Read about success stories and case studies of clients Barry and I have helped.


Just in case you have any lingering doubts as to what Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook and Barry Randall can do for you and your business… here’s more proof than most can handle…



WARNING! Don’t Hire Trevor

Toe-Cracker Crook Unless . . .”

 “WARNING! Don’t hire Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook unless you’re prepared to be the leader in your market.

Great copy pushes the envelope and Trevor’s promotions can give you that powerful edge.


You can easily see the influence of all the masters in his work which never lacks critical elements but even better . . .


Mr. Crook’s work stands out for the kind of edgy originality you need to create breakthrough promotions, so effective, the competition has no choice but to follow in your footsteps.”

Bond Halbert, Son of the Legendary

Prince of Print – Gary Halbert

“A Lot of Advertisers Could Learn A Ton From Him”

“Trevor Crook has a great down-to-earth no poncing-around-approach – like a lot of Aussies I know. He has a real understanding of the prodigious power of simple words. A lot of big advertisers could learn a ton from him.”

Drayton Bird, (David Ogilvy said: 

“Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world.”

 “Helps Lawn Boy, Become the Largest
Mowing Company in the State of Colorado!”

“Thanks ToeCracker for your copywriting and mentoring services. You Rock!!!! 


After you tweaked our control piece the response has increased significantly. You have a talent and a way with words. You get people to take action. You took the time to understand our business niche, which helped us get specific results.


Now, we’re close to sending out a million pieces a year . . . and we do it with confidence because we know our marketing piece pulls . . . thanks to you. 


When I started this company at the age of 12 I had no idea how important words and communication would be to our success.


Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future.” 

Johnny Erbert, Erbert Lawns Inc (Denver CO)

“Our First $100,000 Week, Thanks to You!”

“Hey Trev. Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for all your help.  As you know, I walked away from a business partnership that had gone bad and started my contracting company 3 years ago, to the day as I write this letter.


When I started it, I had $1000 cash, and that was it!  No retirement to pull from, no job, my wife was (is) a stay at home mother and was pregnant with our 3rd child and it was 2 months before Christmas.  


I don’t mind telling you I was scared to death!  


Well last week, I’m thrilled to say, we did $100,000.00 in sales!  That’s our best week ever!  


Trev, the techniques you teach, in many ways, were responsible for the rapid growth of my business.  You’ve been called the “Crocodile Dundee of Marketing” . . . but I call you “The Halbert from Down Under!”


Thanks for all your help my friend!  Next time I see ya, we’ll have to hit the turps…my shout!!  (Hope my Australian slang passes, HA!).” 

Everte Farnell, Business Owner and

Direct Response Copywriter, Tampa FL

“Turns Words into a Magic Elixir”

“Trevor Crook is one of those rare marketers who can turn words into a magic elixir – from the stage or through his sensational copy. He has a knack for turning lemons into lemonade.


Born with the world’s WORST surname for a marketer or salesman, he’s overcome it in a HUGE way with sincerity, honesty and blunt-tell-it-like-it-is candor.


I’ve seen Trevor speak publicly in Australia and the U.S. and each time he leaves the room excited and ready to march towards the major opportunities available.


He’s shared the stage in a dual seminar with the legendary Ted Nicholas and has spoken to my group twice as well.


His copy is riveting, his smile contagious and his wisdom infectious.”

Matt Furey, Zen Master of the Internet. Author of Combat Conditioning and a Plethora of Powerhouse Life-Changers 

“A $1,000,000 Web Business Site After Consulting With YOU”

“Hi Trevor, would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great distinctions you have provided to me regarding sales copy.


My previous results have been extremely profitable in the past, but after consulting with you, my results have exploded to a new level.


My site is now averaging 4-5 sales per day ($2,597 each) and counting. A Million Dollar Web Business Site, to be added to my other global business sites.”

Nik Halik, Serial Entrepreneur

“My Mentoring Experience as a Business Owner With The One & Only Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook”


It all began with the recommendation by copywriting legend, John Carlton in the Gary Halbert group for Trevor’s mentoring.


And I was literally blown away by the proposal he sent me after the call.


I think I have read just this proposal at-least 12 times, so much pure gold in it.


Just writing this I might read it again now. . .



The copywriting course was nothing short of mind blowing. Especially the day when Trevor talks about creating offers and crafting your bonuses.




The various exercises we did just to know our true potential and to bring emotions in our sales message can’t be just explained in words.


Most of the time the sessions used to go over an hour and I loved hearing the stories Trevor shared. I mean every bit of it.


Well, I am not a seasoned or experienced copywriter.


I just wanted Trevor’s mentorship to help me scale my business & get my message across to my clients and I can say he has over-delivered on my expectations.


Thank you Trevor, I’m looking forward too many more mentoring sessions with you.

Darshan Chavan, CEO Gold Coast

Institute of Training, Brisbane, QLD.

PS. The most repeated and extremely crucial sentence “Always Enter The
Conversation That’s Already Going on in The Customer’s Mind . . .”

“Throwing Gold Nuggets Like Spare Change”

“Sharing the podium with Mr. Bird was Trevor ‘Toecracker’ Crook. His no fluff, spit and sawdust attitude didn’t disappoint.


And he threw golden nuggets into the air like they were spare change, with all of us lunging to grab and embed them into our notebooks.

(I believe just one of his nuggets will help me write more convincing proposals and double my fees at the same time).”

Matt Ambrose, Business Owner

and Serial Entrepreneur, Attendee at

Drayton Bird’s Last Hurrah Event.


Barry Randall

“500k to £3,000,000 Million”

“Barry Randall has helped me transform a £500,000 turnover business which was losing money . . . into a £3,000,000 million turnover business and making over £500,000 in net profit.


Barry is like a surgeon. He has the unique skill of pinpointing the exact issue and helping you deal with it.


What he really excels in, is mentoring you to be a much better business owner . . . so that you don’t only know how to deal with the scenario that’s taking up your ‘headspace’  . . . he also trains you to deal with it better next time . . . without needing him to ask again. 


By doing this he’s able to evolve the skillset so the business owner develops into the best version of themselves. 


The difference he’s made to me and my team/business is indescribable, not matter how talented your business or copywriting skills are.


He’s genuine, driven, and a great mentor to have.


We’re still growing and the future looks very bright for me and the team.


Barry is someone you work with to embrace change.


When you enjoy smacking your head against a brick wall Barry probably isn’t for your business.”

Michael Wheat, Owner of Ponds by Michael Wheat. Leicester, UK 

“Barry Randall is in a Class by Himself”

“I’ve been fortunate to spend decades working with and around high achievers who seem to possess superhuman abilities to identify and accomplish big goals.


Barry Randall, however, is in a class by himself. He is the rare individual who focuses his attention like a laser on what matters most, then works relentlessly to get it done day in and day out.


More importantly, he is able to teach others how to do the same. Take action, and then watch what happens when your life changes for the better.”

Shawn Twing, Founder, Barn Door Media, LLC

“Positive, Rapid-implementation Approach to Business”

“I’ve known Barry for a few years now and watched in awe as he quickly created a brand new additional business, from the ground up, with astonishing speed.


His positive, rapid-implementation approach to business has been an inspiration to me. If you have a chance to learn from him, I suggest you don’t hesitate to do so.”

David Deutsch, A-List Copywriter 

“I Recommend Barry As The Quickest Way to Reach Your Goals”

If you’re aiming to reach the top of the game in your industry, gaining access to proven tools for success, continual growth and maximized profits are imperative. 


 Barry openly shares his systems, processes, stories, secrets and hard-core business tactics. I recommend Barry as the quickest way to reach your goals and end on an extremely high note!”

Lori Haller, Designing Response, LLC

“When This Man Speaks… Listen. Implement and Enjoy the Inevitable Profit.”

“If there is one persons advice that you can trust to significantly increase your business while reducing your time spent in the business, it’s Barry Randall.


When this man speaks, the ONLY thing you need to do is listen, implement and enjoy the inevitable profit that’s coming your way”

Stephen Somers, Cofounder of

Marketplace Superheroes

“What he will teach you is both effective and realistic.” “

“Barry is the rare person who has built a successful business over decades and is still committed to learning and applying marketing strategies and techniques that work TODAY. 


The growing list of business owners Barry is helping increase sales and, at the same time, get their business and lives under control is proof that what he will teach you is both effective and realistic.”

Stan Dahl, CEO, Marketing Rebel LLC



Below are some testimonials from happy clients who have worked with Barry Randall and myself together.

“£165,000 in Business in 24 Hours . . .”

“In one 24 hour period, I confirmed £165,000 worth of business. It was 33% of our previous year’s turnover. That was just over 6 weeks ago. 


When I reflect on just how far my landscaping business has grown since becoming a Black Diamond Member in late January of 2020 . . . I sometimes scratch my head, wonder if I’m dreaming. I’m not. 


I’ve been in the landscaping business for 20 years. For the first 18 years it was more like being in business one year and repeating those sames mistakes each year for the next 18 years.


I eventually found out the hard way that working hard and doing great work didn’t bring the financial rewards I wanted. And it cost me my marriage.


In February this year, I recorded my highest ever monthly turnover in 20 years of running my landscaping business.


Plus I’ve just landed a large landscaping project which is in excess of £400,000.


These days, my team and I constantly win projects . . . even though we’ve considerably increased our pricing and higher than our competition. 


And to think, only 7 months ago, I was worried about generating enough profits to cover costs and wages.


When I look back, and realise the massive progress I’ve have made in the business . . . I still get scared and excited in equal amounts.


Yet, I’ve never felt so positive.


Especially knowing Barry and ToeCracker, 100% have my back.  


With their help and guidance, I’ve created proven systems for qualifying the right leads, finding the right staff, massively increasing pricing and charging for design fees.


It’s the little 1% changes I implement almost weekly which make such a huge difference.


Like the one small change, which I’d never even thought of in 20 years of running my landscaping business . . . which resulted in closing a £20,000 project because of it!  

I clearly now understand why systems, marketing, sales as well as knowing my numbers are the keys to running a successful business. 


As a business, we’re still not perfect. However, we’re getting there one step at a time with the sound advice from Barry and ToeCracker.


It’s been life-changing. 


Thank you both so much.”

David Massey, David Massey Garden Constructions – North Yorkshire

“£100,000 in Sales in One Week”

“Been quite a crazy week here at Lawn and Order.


Secured £100,000 sales in one week across 3 jobs at new prices . . . which most notably is equal to my total landscaping sales last financial year.


And we just finished a £13,000 project (which my head gardener sold at £3,000 additional profit) . . . even though he’d never quoted anything over £1,500 in his career.


Mindset = change.


Thanks Barry Randall and ToeCracker.”

Dan Kewley, Director Lawn and Order Gardening services Ltd – UK

“£340,000 in Sales in During March 2021”

“Thought I’d just share some of our additional successes of the last month.


I haven’t got the final figures yet . . . however using our kick ass pre-qualification and sales process . . . we have confirmed approximately £340,000 plus vat in sales during March.


To put this into perspective . . . our annual turnover 2 years ago was £342,000.

David Massey – (2nd Testimonial), David Massey Garden Constructions – North Yorkshire, UK 

“£231,305 in Sales in 2 weeks”

“In the first week of June, I generated £151,305 worth of sales and £80,000 the next week. 


That was approx. 25% of my previous year’s gross turnover.


Yet 5 weeks earlier my 7-year old business was for sale. I’d had enough.


I was fed up with staff, low quality leads and reduced profits.


There was nothing I enjoyed about my business. I felt like I was killing myself trying to take my business to the next level, getting nowhere fast.


It all began to change after I received a message from Barry Randall via LinkedIn. I did not know him at that time, and I was a little shocked at his message. It bruised my ego.


He suggested I remove my ‘for sale’ advert immediately and get on a call with him and his business partner, the ToeCracker, which I reluctantly agreed to.


The sheer growth in my business, has been nothing short of spectacular.


I actually smiled when the fee came out the first time it was due again.


As a tight Scotsman, I can categorically tell you, I’ve never smiled once at any amount of money coming out of my bank account.


I did with that one and I do each and every month.


And after listening to ToeCracker about certain aspects when it comes to generating the right leads and implementing what he suggested . . . our leads have more than doubled.


My excitement and passion are back fully. And to think I was ready to throw in the towel a short while ago.


Thanks to everyone here for helping me with superb advice and encouragement. I still have a long way to go and I ain’t even started.


I can only imagine where my business will be 12 months from now.


Special thanks to Barry and ToeCracker. I now go to my business each day knowing you two guys absolutely have my back and are willing me on for success.


I’ve never had that before. It’s driving me on and on.


I owe you both so much and just want to say a massive thank you.”

Daren Henderson, Owner of The Edinburgh Driveway Company

“Monthly Turnover is Now my Average Sale”

“Last year I turned over £100,000. This year I’m on target to gross between £200,000 and £250,000 and my target in 2021 is £500,000.


I only started my landscaping business in May 2019. At the beginning of the year, I was struggling for work and in debt.


However yesterday I picked up my new Mercedes CLA AMG performance car.


Something I thought impossible less than 8 months ago until . . .


I attended Barry Randall’s 2-day business revamp event 17-18 January.


At that time, financially, it was huge stretch to attend. Yet definitely worth it.


I didn’t join their Landscaper’s Success Club – Black Diamond Membership right away as I wasn’t in the position financially, back then.


That changed in late April.


Since joining, I now have processes in place for: new recruitment, new sales, new enquires, new job processes and garden designs.


If you told me 12 months ago when I was doing a £4,000 job that, in a years time, I would have a job accepted and deposit paid for a £79,000 job, I would of said you’re deluded.


Yet it’s happened. Not only that . . . I won’t be involved with any of the day to day running or management of the project.


We’re now completing around £20,000-25,000 of work for one team per month and double booking for a second team to start in October.  


All of that in just 6 months of becoming a Black Diamond Member.


I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you both for all of your help and continued support.”

Miles Wellings, Owner, The Vale Gardeners, Melton Mowbray, UK

£80,000 Job Sold Using New Proposal Package”

“Barry and ToeCracker . . . I just sold a landscaping project for £80,000 (inc. VAT) using our new proposal package.



Client’s had no questions about price and they simply loved the design. Thank you.”

Craig McGibbon, Owner Gardens With Passion, Garden City, UK

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