Nik Thakorlal approaches marketing and persuasion as a trading system that produces winners.  His main expertise is in building scale and capacity for businesses to be sold.

He gained experience in marketing strategy including execution from an idea, market research, product creation, brand launch, promotions & advertising and subsequent sale of product or brand.

Nik is the founder of LeadsHook, a software-as-a-service product for the creation of interactive marketing experiences for data capture and personalization of marketing including lead magnets.

What We Discussed With Nik Thakorlal:

  • How he keeps 40% of his customers compared to sub 1-2% in the SAAS world . . .
  • The critical important of having a relationship with clients to ensure you do not burn them after 3 months . . .
  • The toxic impact scaling too fast can have on your team and your business . . .
  • Reveals how turning clients away who were not ready for his LeadsHook has actully turned into substantially more clients . . .
  • Exposes the top 3 mistakes people make in their funnels based on ripping apart 3,000 to 4,000 funnels . . . and how to fix them
  • and much more . .

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