Just in case you have any lingering doubts as to what ‘ToeCracker’ and Barry Randall can do for you and your business . . . here’s more proof than most can’t handle . . .

“£165,000 in Business in 24 Hours . . .”

“In one 24 hour period in 2020, I confirmed £165,000 worth of business. It was 33% of our previous year’s turnover.

When I reflect on just how far my landscaping business has grown since January of 2020 . . . I sometimes scratch my head, wondering if I’m dreaming. I’m not.

I’ve been in the landscaping business for 20 years. For the first 18 years it was more like being in business one year and repeating those same mistakes each year, for the next 18 years.

For the last 2 years I’ve been actively growing my business. These days, my team and I constantly win projects . . . even though we’ve considerably increased our pricing and are higher than our competition.

Most jobs have a gross profit over 50% and are completed on schedule.

Thank you so much Barry and ToeCracker. It’s been life-changing.”

– David Massey (1st testimonial) – David Massey Garden Constructions – North Yorkshire, UK

“£500k to £3,000,000 Million . . .”

“Barry Randall has helped me transform a £500,000 turnover business which was losing money . . . into a £3,000,000 million turnover business and making over £500,000 in net profit.

Barry is like a surgeon. He has the unique skill of pinpointing the exact issue and helping you deal with it.

What he really excels in, is mentoring you to be a much better business owner . . . so that you don’t only know how to deal with the scenario that’s taking up your ‘headspace’ . . . he also trains you to deal with it better next time . . . without needing him to ask again.

By doing this he’s able to evolve the skillset so the business owner develops into the best version of themselves.

The difference he’s made to me and my team/business is indescribable, not matter how talented your business or copywriting skills are.

He’s genuine, driven, and a great mentor to have.

We’re still growing and the future looks very bright for me and the team.

Barry is someone you work with to embrace change.

When you enjoy smacking your head against a brick wall Barry probably isn’t for your business.”

Michael Wheat -Owner of Ponds by Michael Wheat. Leicester, UK

“£231,305 in Sales in 2 Weeks”

“In the first week of June, I generated £151,305 worth of sales and £80,000 the next week. That was approx. 25% of my previous year’s gross turnover. 

Yet 5 weeks earlier my 7-year old business was for sale. I’d had enough.

I was fed up with staff, low quality leads and reduced profits.

There was nothing I enjoyed about my landscaping and driveway business. I felt like I was killing myself trying to take my business to the next level. Getting nowhere fast.

It all began to change after I received a message from Barry Randall via LinkedIn. I did not know him at that time. I was a little shocked at his message. It bruised my ego.

He suggested I remove my ‘for sale’ advert immediately and get on a call with him and his business partner, ToeCracker. I reluctantly agreed to.

The sheer growth in my business since then, has been nothing short of spectacular.

I owe you both so much and just want to say a massive thank you.”


Daren Henderson – Owner The Edinburgh Driveway Company

“A $1,000,000 Web Business Site
After Consulting With YOU

“Hi Trevor, would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great distinctions you have provided to me regarding sales copy.

My previous results have been extremely profitable in the past, but after consulting with you, my results have exploded to a new level.

My site is now averaging 4-5 sales per day ($2,597 each) and counting. A Million Dollar Web Business Site, to be added to my other global business sites.”

Nik Halik – Serial Entrepreneur 

“$3,000 for a 3 Page Letter in my First Week”

“ToeCracker is a rare find. He is a razor-sharp copywriter and marketer with the ability to extract the best results out of your work.

His no-BS, ‘Toecracker’ attitude is a key reason for his success . . . however don’t let the nickname fool you, he’s as generous as they come.

In my first week with ToeCracker as my mentor, I landed a client whom I charged $3,000 for a 3-page sales letter, an amount I would have considered impossible to charge weeks before.

Contact ToeCracker today. I promise you will never look back!”

– Ben Riddles – Freelance Writer and Entrepreneur, Canberra, Australia

“Trevor Crook Has The Rare Ability to
Spot The Financial Leaks in ANY Business”

“Trevor Crook has the rare ability to find the financial leaks in any business that most great entrepreneurs cannot see.

Once found, his powerful and insightful marketing methods quickly increase income while creating customer loyalty.

If you want the ‘straight-scoop’ with zero fluff, then pay attention to everything Trevor teaches about copywriting and marketing.”

Matt Furey – President of The Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation www.MattFurey.com


“£100,000 in Sales in One Week”

“Been quite a crazy week here at Lawn and Order.

Secured £100,000 sales in one week across 3 jobs at new prices . . . which most notably is equal to my total landscaping sales last financial year.

And we just finished a £13,000 project (which my head gardener sold at £3,000 additional profit) . . . even though he’d never quoted anything over £1,500 in his career.

Mindset = change.

Thanks Barry Randall and ToeCracker.”

Dan Kewley – Director Lawn and Order Gardening services Ltd – UK

“Grown to 17 Staff and Have
8 Months of Work Booked . . .”

“Just wanted to say a big thanks. I may not be the most active member (no excuses!) . . . but I’ve learnt so much these past months. 

I now have 17 staff, 8 months of work split between my 3 landscape teams and full schedule for 2 maintenance teams . . . a showroom,5 vans, an assistant and a bookkeeper.

Thanks everyone I’ve learnt something from all of you.”

Tony Paget – Direct Garden Aspect, London UK.

“Our First $100,000 Week, Thanks to You!”

“Hey ToeCracker. Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for all your help. As you know, I walked away from a business partnership that had gone bad and started my contracting company 3 years ago, to the day as I write this letter.

When I started it, I had $1000 cash, and that was it! No retirement to pull from, no job, my wife was (is) a stay at home mother and was pregnant with our 3rd child and it was 2 months before Christmas.

I don’t mind telling you I was scared to death!

Well last week, I’m thrilled to say, we did $100,000.00 in sales! That’s our best week ever!

ToeCracker, the techniques you teach, in many ways, were responsible for the rapid growth of my business. You’ve been called the “Crocodile Dundee of Marketing” . . . but I call you “The Halbert from Down Under!”

Thanks for all your help my friend! Next time I see ya, we’ll have to hit the turps . . . my shout!! (Hope my Australian slang passes, HA!).”

– Everte Farnell – Business Owner and Direct Response Copywriter, Tampa FL

“The Barry Quotient”

“We even have something called the ‘Barry Quotient” now in our elite business mastermind: It’s a scale on following through and implementing the ideas you receive in the group.

Even veteran marketers can’t touch Barry’s dedication to road-testing concepts and tactics to guarantee they work.

His followers are damned lucky to have him as their field general.”

John Carlton – The most ripped-off and respected copywriter alive

“A Lot of Advertisers Could
Learn a Ton From Him . . .”

“Trevor Crook has a great down-to-earth no poncing-around-approach – like a lot of Aussies I know. He has a real understanding of the prodigious power of simple words. A lot of big advertisers could learn a ton from him.”

Drayton Bird. (David Ogilvy said: “Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world.”)

“£340,000 in Sales in During March 2021”

“Thought I’d just share some of our additional successes of the last month.

I haven’t got the final figures yet . . . however using our kick ass pre-qualification and sales process . . . we have confirmed approximately £340,000 plus vat in sales during March.

To put this into perspective . . . our annual turnover 2 years ago was £342,000.

David Massey – (2nd Testimonial) David Massey Garden Constructions – North Yorkshire, UK

“Tripled My Sales . . .”

“My old marketing was typical of the standard adverts you see in newspapers and magazines… ads that look pretty, but get very little response.

ToeCracker has shown me simple, low cost strategies and marketing principles that, when followed . . . guarantee response.

Through using your marketing strategies and advice, the results (sales) from my advertising have tripled!

Not only that . . . I’m doing it at a lower cost than before and my profits have increased significantly.”

– Justin Eldershaw – Founder RelianceRoof.com.au

£80,000 Job Sold Using New Proposal Package”

“Barry and ToeCracker . . . just sold a landscaping project for £80,000 (inc. VAT) using our new proposal package. Client’s had no questions about price  and they simply loved the design.

Thank you.”

Craig McGibbon – Owner Gardens With Passion, Garden City, UK

“WARNING! Don’t Hire ToeCracker Unless”

“WARNING! Don’t hire The ‘ToeCracker’ unless you’re prepared to be the leader in your market.

Great copy pushes the envelope and ToeCracker’s promotions can give you that powerful edge.

You can easily see the influence of all the masters in his work which never lacks critical elements but even better . . .

ToeCracker’s work stands out for the kind of edgy originality you need to create breakthrough promotions so effective, the competition has no choice but to follow in your footsteps.”

Bond Halbert – son of the legendary Prince of Print – Gary Halbert

“ToeCracker Helps Lawn Boy, Become the Largest  Mowing Company in Colorado!”

“Thanks ToeCracker for your copywriting and mentoring services. You Rock!!!!

After you tweaked our control piece the response has increased significantly. You have a talent and a way with words. You get people to take action. You took the time to understand our business niche, which helped us get specific results.

Now, we’re close to sending out a million pieces a year . . . and we do it with confidence because we know our marketing piece pulls . . . thanks to you.

When I started this company at the age of 12 I had no idea how important words and communication would be to our success.

Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future.” 

John Erbert – Erbert Lawns Inc (Denver CO)

“Throwing Gold Nuggets
Like Spare Change . . .”

“Sharing the podium with Mr. Bird was the one and only . . . Toecracker.

His no fluff, spit and sawdust attitude didn’t disappoint.

 And he threw golden nuggets into the air like they were spare change, with all of us lunging to grab and embed them into our notebooks (I believe just one of his nuggets will help me write more convincing proposals and double my fees at the same time).”

– Matt Ambrose, Business Owner and Serial Entrepreneur
– Attendee at Drayton Bird’s Last Hurrah Event.